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FAO: News, Lifestyle, Culture, Consumer Media: MAY 2016

phonaudio headphones

Phonaudio headphones, available in Black, Silver, Gold. On Ear and Over Ear.

Phonaudio is the new audio kid on the block. Not so much a kid but a hard-working, professional, music-obsessed 30 something that decided to fly by the seat of his melodic pants, ditch a highly lucrative career in IT and build his own series of headphones.

Founder and entrepreneur, Steven Arinze and his force-to-be-reckoned-with wife and partner, Emma have dropped everything and put their minds, bodies and souls to the test in creating a new audio accessory that gives the big guns a real run for their money.

The launch of both the PHN100 and PHN200 is the result of comprehensive market research, which led to a number of prototypes being developed and tested. Their research suggests the consumer demands a comfortable, dependable, durable and honest audio accessory that sounds exceptional, side steps novelty tech wizardry and is built to last. Phonaudio products bridge the gap between fashion and pro.

Having already been tagged one of the ‘7 Best Headphones for Music Lovers’ by The Independent, they are targeted to a musically astute, intelligent, dynamic and active market the brand promises undisputable quality that reflects their faultless expectations. The reason why these cans can, is a unequivocal recipe of exceptional sound, weightless and durable design and their essential and trustworthy functionality all without a huge contemporary price tag. Available on Pre Order: June 2016

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