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How to Write a Brilliant Newsletter

Happy Friday people,

So, you have a nice big juicy database to utilise right? Great! todays post is all about writing that perfect newsletter and reaching out to that database on a regular basis (not too regularly though!).  Whether in the form of an email subscription, a simple blog or a tangible letter through the post, these are important. Its another way to deliver content to your audience and although ‘the newsletter’ has had bad press over the years, I believe that they are on the up again!

We have learn’t not to bombard people with useless pieces of info and now, we also know that it is expensive to send stuff through the post, printing costs etc. therefore if you do receive something, snail mail, it could really be worth a read.

Firstly, you have to have a clear idea of what you want to get out of this newsletter plus you also need to know what your subscribers want to get out of it!  Is it a promotion on a new product? an update? a freebie? a heads up? Do you want more subscribers? sales? to create more opportunities? etc.

Once that is decided we can start.

1. Write a brilliant introduction. Give your readers some info on you and a good solid template and structure that they can understand quickly. Let them in know in the intro what to expect, so they can decide to read or ignore!!!

2. When creating the content for your newsletter, don’t upload that particular content anywhere else. Keep it exclusive to your subscribers.

3. Think of adding in something that they have to do. i.e follow an example, try something out, tell a friend and win etc.

4. Create a series of information, you can spread this out over time and keep your newsletters being read.

5. Make sure that the newsletter goes out on a specific day. If a monthly, or three monthly connection, make sure it goes out on the same day each time. This really registers with people and they learn to expect it.

6. Include a brilliant picture. Imagery is everything sometimes, so don’t scrimp on your visuals. Choose well.

7. If you are choosing online methods for delivering your newsletter, like a blog, squeeze page etc. don’t forget to use SEO to optimise!

Please bear in mind, that you want to keep your readers active and highly responsive and above all happy. They are real people with really busy lives so you have to, as with a blog, build up trust and communicative situations whereby people won’t just delete or throw away in the bin on receipt!

Its hard to find the balance but if you sit and think carefully about your strategy, then mistakes will be fewer! Good Luck!

PS: My new book,”One Giant Leap into Social Media Marketing” will be out soon full of juicy content ideas. All subscribers will get the chance to download for free so make sure to follow Online PR UK!

Have a great weekend!

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