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Facebook is Brilliant! Here Are The Reasons Why…

“Facebook has changed the way we use the internet and hold on to your hat’s folks, the updates that will soon come into play will mean that you probably won’t even need to come out of Facebook once you have logged in.  You will soon be able to browse the Internet within Facebook’s pages and buy, sell and utilize all these amazing extra functions.  That said, right now, that feels to me like going on an all-inclusive holiday to Cuba and never seeing the rest of the country while you are there but still, my faith in the Facebook powers that be, I’m sure,  will prevail.

Many people don’t utilize Facebook in the right way.  Fact.  They have an account, get the pictures bit and the status’s updates and can even suggest one friend to another, but since Facebook introduced pages and upgraded the software for pages, there really is no stopping you.

You can create custom pages within your page, just like a blog.  For example, you could add a Pinterest tab, a Twitter tab, a custom welcome /landing page etc.  A lot of this stuff you can do yourself too! NBCN Marketing has a collection of great how to videos here.

You can create tabs (now called Apps!) that link to other pages within your Facebook page or blog or website; for example, a link to You Tube, an ‘invite your friends’ App, and a ‘sign up to our mailing list’ App. The options are endless. You can also create custom thumbnails for those apps to keep in line with your branding. AND you can obviously link your page to every social media channel there is.

Now this sounds confusing, but just as Apple made everything simple, the Facebook boys are doing the same.  Once you have gone through the motions of adding a tab within your page, you will be able to do it again and again.

Facebook is getting more interactive because it needs to be.  We could all have thousands of likes on our page but really, what use are they if you don’t converse?  It’s all about joining the conversation, so if you aren’t that type, you better start learning to be!

You can create ads and target specific demographics with your promotions and although this comes at a price, you can set your budget per day and monitor what works and what doesn’t.  Great if you are promoting an event or launching a new site.

Some Brilliant Facebook Tips: (read more in my book)

  1. Do not neglect!

  2. Use your company logo or a picture you are using on your blog, Twitter, Linked in etc. Create synergy and create awareness of your brand. This should be 180X180 pixels.

  3. Now with the new ‘cover’ picture, design or get designed, something that fits with your page and stands out. It will need to be 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels high.

  4. Create a custom URL and keep it consistent with all your branding.

  5. Make sure your page is visible to all in settings.

  6. Use the apps for call to actions and to engage your fans.

  7. Hint at what is going on with your Twitter page or Blog.

  8. Use original pictures where applicable and name them accordingly.

  9. Tell a story.

  10. Post a picture a day and tag if applicable.  Any conversations or dealings you have had with any companies in that week, give them a shout out on Facebook and you will attract people on their walls by tagging their name into a post.

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