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Corporate Blindness…

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Corporate blindness is rife. If you are within the corporate jungle you have to play ball like them otherwise you sink. And although that ‘competitive streak’ is important, it’s the way in which you play that’s crucial.

It will always irritate me that someone ‘just raised the game’ (in that particular way) I’m hooked. But it will also anger me that every chess move its placed with a sneer, smirk, evil baddie chuckle. The enjoyment achieved by folk playing this way is corrupting our world.

When you are in it, you can’t see past the end of your nose. When you are in the ‘real’ world, you can see the world as it is.

Grace for me is key. Do everything with a dollop of that, and you are laughing. Because surely, if you want to reach the people you have to be the people.

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