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3 Reasons Why small is BIG

People..listen up! We are living in an economy of ideas. Thank the blooming Lord! it wasn’t until I spoke with my number 1 geek friend the other day that I put 2 and 2 together.  Yes! it’s my time!

You know, that time when all the stars aline and you feel something big is going to happen in your water. Well, not so much your water, more like your gut.  Anyway, It’s a time where a good idea and well planned implementation thrive.  An era where little old me (AND YOU) can make a difference. Quickly. Here’s 3 reasons why:

  1. Small companies or lone traders can deliver better quality at lower costs. Fact. They can source product, ideas and the right people for the job quicker than before and a whole lot cheaper that ever before.

  2. Small companies can access big factories when required but don’d have the same overheads when they don’t need to use them.

  3. Small businesses feel spoke, unique and original to the busing customer, so they are more likely to get used at this time.  People are bored with the chains (YAY!) they don’t go to Ikea anymore, they go the little furniture shop that sells bespoke chairs. (WHOOP). People have imagination, creativity, originality..POWER!

With social media in the mix there is something for everyone.  Whether you are new found veggie that needs the right diet or a collector of rare German soul 45s, there is a blog / group / site and community for you and that gang, your gang, is full of regular people like you that happen to be into the same things as you are!  There will be someone at the helm providing you all with the information, product or service you require.

Niche has never been more exciting!…(SQUEAL)

This is something that BIG businesses try very hard to achieve. Albeit great PR, can you imagine Cadburys making a specific chocolate bar just for you? or Apple making software for the Asda chain? (They should be so lucky)

Small is faster, cheaper, more flexible and so much more bloody fun.  It’s unique, accessible and personal AND more importantly, it can look every so BIG!

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