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10 Social Media Strategies to Use Now

All businesses want more exposure. Fact. And it is now common knowledge that social media can provide that. In a recent report from HubSpot, 70% of companies where surveyed and indicated that they have a social media team or at least one person dedicated to managing their social media but they still need to learn more about the strategies that would be effective in engaging targeted audiences and increase brand awareness.  Here are 10 social media strategies to implement into your business today.

1. Increase Online Presence in More Social Media Networks

Don’t just concentrate on Facebook. Always use Twitter and spend time on Google + Pinterest, Instagram, Vine and Snapchat according to the demographics you are trying to connect with.

2. Create More Media and and Share it

There are plenty of ways to share home grown images and videos nowadays and that is going to get easier and better as time goes on. When Facebook introduced a new feature that allowed Instagram videos to be introduced, up to 5 million videos were uploaded during the first 24 hours! That’s the power of video!

3. Tell Stories and Don’t Sell

Folk don’t like being sold to. Being on Facebook or Twitter etc. isn’t another way for you to sell your stuff. Instead, create tactics including a creative content plan that presents stories that your audience will find interesting, funny, relate to etc. Telling stories is crucial in marketing and if you can’t do that yourself, thats’ where we come in!

4. Create Content Relevant to the Channel you are Posting On

Don’t post the same content on all of your social networks because folk will only end up following you on one of their chosen channels. Try to create a different user experience via your digital assets and present different arms of your business.

5. Monthly Promotions

Nobody can argue with using a promotion to gain exposure for your brand. The more creative you are, the better and always use a little of your budget to boost/promote your companies offers and competitions via paid posts. They work.

6. Increase Our Giveaways

All businesses hate giving away free stuff. Believe me – I know. But it is worth you adding this into your budget at the beginning of the year because it guarantees a brand higher loyalty rate and repeat business. Plus your exposure will go through the roof. Fact. Think seriously about 6-12 things you could give away as a company, without breaking the bank.

7. Educate Our Audiences

Blogs generate up to 67% more leads for brands. By implementing a clear content marketing strategy and sharing via social media you can gain more targeted audiences’.

8. Increase Our Mobile Marketing 

Facebook say there are an average of 556 million Mobile Daily Active Users. Mobile social media marketing needs to be part of your strategy today.

9. Respond to Everything More

There is a reason why Social Media is called Social Media! It’s social! When someone asks you a questions, comments, responds, likes, follows etc. you should respond. At All Times.

10. Get better at online Listening

Your digital marketer should know how to listen. They should know the issues, keywords and key topics that their targeted audiences are talking about, so they can provide the right kind, up-to-date and very relevant content that their audiences are excited and very interested to know about. They gather and analyze data coming from the social media sphere. From the data gathered, they gain valuable insight that will guide you towards the next steps in your social media marketing campaign.

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