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Who’s Ruling Your Twitter Roost?

Have you checked whether the person you think you’re following is who he or she says she is?

So often now, are professional social media managers at the helm of our favourite brands and follows. Having done this myself for clients, one wonders ‘are they being told what to say or regurgitating what they think is best?’.

The real question; would YOU answer that question in that way? i.e: Is the voice of your brand being true to your brand?

I can’t see how it would unless you are not getting down and dirty on twitter too. And I for one hate the thought of not getting through to the right person. Don’t you?

Too busy? I know. Get it. Get around this by adding in your profile who your tweets are posted by. If your audience can understand this simple fact, they won’t worry about conversing with a representative. At least they’ve been respected enough to be told who’s tweeting.

We know Twitter really works for brands but needs the personal touch. Plus naming the tweeter gives them a chance to be recognised for their own talents. Or not.

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