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Tweet Me Right…Don’t use Twitter for Self Promotion!

After this Diamond Jubilee Long weekend, I have had a few thoughts over past posts and felt the need to remind everyone to stop using Twitter for Self Promotion!

We are all guilty of it, yes, me too – but we (that will be the Royal we) must remind ourselves to use Twitter in the correct way.

We know the importance of promoting your brand and awareness to your customers, friends and family; however, if it is pure promotion, then it would turn people off. People just don’t want to read about your latest book, song, product, etc. They only skim over tweets anyway so words have to jump out at them to grab their attention, even your mum hasn’t got the time!!

So… the best way to promote is to do it with personalized, one-on-one conversations with your followers. In that way, it lessens the gap and let your followers connect in a personal level.

Follow your target market

The old act of following everyone and anyone for the hope of them following you back doesn’t work, FACT.  Especially if your content isn’t relevant to them. No point in buying bulk followers from these 2 bit ‘Buy More Followers’ sites either.  A con and they are the ones left with a big bank balance, NOT YOU! The way to do it is to spend time tracking down your target market and actively follow them by commenting on their Tweets, engaging them to a conversation or simply sharing your opinions. Simple.  So, lets set ourselves a challenge this week….Have a brilliant idea on who your target market is and only follow someone that is worth following.  Engage with at least 10-20 people this week and strike up conversations, answer questions and support and share the things they are supporting and sharing. OK?


Keywords are simply the basic tool on any search algorithm. So list down all the keywords that you have and when you compose a tweet make sure to include one on your tweets, it can be in the form of a hashtag or just the keyword itself.

Be active

You don’t have to bombard your audiences with Tweets, just make every tweet count. Twice or three times a day is perfect!

I would love to hear your feedback!

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