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Top 10 Blogging Do’s and Don’ts

Nothing comes easy and blogging doesn’t just happen.  you have to dedicated yourself to writing one and work out how much time you can spend doing it.  This can be an aspect of determining what kind of blog you can present.  You certainly don’t just get followers overnight, believe me, even if you are giving away product – its hard!

1.         Do strive to produce great content as that is the best way to attract followers.

2.         Do think about what grabs you to a post, or piece in the paper.

3.         Do link back to past posts in current blogs.

4.         Do include links to peers, competitors and other relevant sites to your niche.

5.         Do ask people for advice and blog for you

6.         Don’t become too attached to your posts.

7.         Don’t just blog and forget about it. Post links to your posts as many places as you can!

8.         Don’t clutter your blog with lots of widgets etc.  Keep it simple

9.         Don’t forget to put a contact email on your blog!

10.       Don’t have a million categories on each post – it’s confusing!

The secret to success is to be willing to do the things that others aren’t and be prepared to do them for a really long time.”

Oh – by the way – Read this book! – Hierarchy Contagiousness – Engineering Contagious it demystifies social sharing and gives you cold hard facts!

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