The Review: The Front Room, #penzance @frontroompz

Our ‘brunch’ order was taken by owner, Kate – a very hospitable, clued up chick who has spotted a huge gap in the market in what was once a scarily retrograde town with not much going on, bringing with it a bit of fun, character and cool.

From the scribbled yet prolific chalkboard, you could choose Eggs Benedict, Blueberry Pancakes, Bacon & Maple Syrup, Guacamole and Sourdough Toast to mention a few and it struck me that if you wanted anything else, they would deliver. Difficult to choose with a raging hunger on and a soar head but I went for Eggs Benedict and a perfectly balanced Bloody Mary. Delicious.

We stayed, for quite a while. We ate, we laughed, we read, we danced. We made it our front room. We were given complimentary shots of fresh strawberry loveliness and were fairly welcomed by what seemed to be the ‘in crowd’. It was also nice to see a mix of ages throughout the day. My only gripe was the complete lack of Wi-Fi or Internet connection. Not that I am utterly dependent on my link to the rest of the world (Ahem) but so I could scrupulously Shazam every damn song the DJ, Kia played. Their absolute piece de résistance.

Its great to see some risks being taken, some thought going into customer service and hip and stylish thinking and hope this will encourage others to do the same in this well loved British seaside town.

The Front Room 83 Market Jew Street Penzance TR18 2LG T: 01736 448681 @frontroompz

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