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The Digital Marketing Show, 2013.

The Digital Marketing Show has been and gone and well done to all involved! I for one can sleep at night after my first attempt at public speaking, my guts can now finally unravel and start working properly.

You will be pleased to know that I scrambled through my presentation without a hitch (apart from having to use a PC rather than my old trusty MAC. Ahem.) I will be posting up the presentation #getsocial in the coming weeks.

My take on the show, the first of it’s kind, was mixed.  Taking up half of the allocated area in ExCeLs fine centre in Royal Victoria Docks, it was smaller than expected – although in hindsight and it being the first one, not a bad turn out! The audience seemed varied, mostly marketers, of course, Account Managers (mostly big brands…but would be very pleased to know this wasn’t true), founders of this and that and an exhibitor stands of digital, media, marketing thought leaders.

I was there Day 3, it seems the quietest of the 3 day event by what I could gather. The theatres were covered, Social, Content, Data, Mobile, Search…Social and Content being the busiest on Thursday but I can’t help but think that a sector that was missing was for SMEs and startups.

I would have loved some of my clients to come along to the event, sit and listen to how digital can help them on their journeys and I suppose, selfishly, cut down the time I spend in educating them over actually ‘getting on with the job’ and getting the desired results.

The Digital Marketing Show, for me should be open to both marketers and businesses alike. A place where all can learn, interact, swap ideas, be heard, be taught and where everyone takes away something specific they can immediately put into action.

Perhaps they should, next year, add the ‘SME/Startup Clinic’?  A place where speakers, like myself  are put in groups of say 5-10 business owners where their questions are answered, personally and generously. This would surely triple the events footfall and be a great addition? I would love to be involved in that!

Anyway..I did my bit for the little people, shoved myself way out of my comfort zone and spoke in a language my clients understood, as opposed to ‘corporate – data’ talk and hopefully gave a freelancer viewpoint, someone that covers daily, subjects such as brand, design, communications, messaging, social, marketing and most importantly, connection.

Thank you for having me #DMSLDN. I hope I can come back next year and fly the flag for the SMEs!

Also a big shout out to Vimily who have a fabulous app available for on the spot interviews that you can hire for events…check them out and here are my ‘i’ve just come off stage and am a bit shell-shocked’ interviews courtesy of Vimily!

andrea britton #digitalmarketingshow

andrea britton #digitalmarketingshow

andrea britton #digitalmarketingshow
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