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The Best Social Media Channel for Complaints is…

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Now, If you are looking for a good old moan then bore a friend or write a blog – but I will advise you that most won’t want to read it, unless it’s about Ryan Air.

  1. Are you a big company that deals with lots of complaints?

  2. Do you want to deal with them fast and move on?

  3. Do you want to show others how you deal with complaints?

  4. Well have you thought about setting up a ‘complaints hotline’ on Twitter?

For monitoring and acting on complaints and other comments from customers, Twitter ranks highest as of February 2012 and we can understand why. Not only does it get quick results, it promotes healthy, honest complaining as you can only use 140 characters!  We like.

Case Study: @ASOS_HeretoHelp

I had to change a Christmas present that was too small in January and arranged for it to be picked up by the ASOS returns team.  They didn’t show on two occasions and I wanted to check out the Twitter response and result time.

They replied to me within 2 minutes, had my details on the screen an arranged collection for later that day.  The whole process was over in minutes because you had to be succinct and to the point,  its in real time and a huge advert to customers that they handle complaints in a genuine, fast and reliable way.


Now whether its complaints, or any form of customer service, get using the sexiest social media channel out there. Fast.

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