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The Art of Self Promotion (2 of 5)

The basic tasks to benefit from the old ‘American Dream’ is over.

The USA’s ethos for keeping your head down, doing what your told, avoid being late, and working hard to be rewarded has quite quickly been replaced by a whole new set of rules. Be amazing, create, be generous, make good decisions, connect people together and share ideas. and as one of my favourite books tells us to take ‘The Road Less Travelled‘, think creatively and make a difference.

When I talk about creativity, I don’t mean, paint a picture or write a song (although if you can, go ahead!*) but I am describing a way to let your imagination go wild. Use controversy, ask the right questions to the right people, and tell your story.

  1. Show your passion and stand out from the crowd. That may mean thinking slightly out of the box, or out of your comfort zone, but keep thinking that way, the best ideas come from people not thinking like the rest of the crowd.

  2. Be prepared to show your customers/clients etc your SOUL, you will be rewarded.  Show them you love what your doing as they will be instantly attracted to you.

  3. Use your face on your social media sites, people prefer to trust someone rather than a logo.

  4. Be free with your thoughts and share your opinions within your niche.

  5. Always be consistent and positive as you will get a higher response and be there always.

Your audience will soon see that you have their best interests at heart and trust you.

So be practical. Think about who you are and what will make your business a success. Write a short biog and get it on your social media pages and be proud of what you have achieved, be it big or small.

*you could always commission a songwriter to write a tune or jingle for you!
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