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Sunday Soother…what to do when you are tracking social media sites

Our Saturday Social Media Tips will surely help you head in the right direction when tackling your social media campaign, but once you have this information you have to get in the habit of keeping track of it all.  Stuff like…

  1. The number of comments you have.

  2. The number of views for your videos and pictures

  3. The number of stars your post or video has  – have your readers rated you?

  4. How many have stumbled/DIGG’d your articles etc.

  5. What keywords are hot right now?

Who said you never needed Maths when you left school!? Pfff

Depending on the numbers you get for these success elements, you can check on your progress in social media marketing.

For more advanced users of Twitter, lets you follow and track trends.

Now you can get creative! – How will certain trending words be relative to your business?  Can you nudge certain phrases to work for your marketing?

i.e.:  #xfactor is trending right now – All the contestants will be barking out their #guiltypleasures songs.  Ahem. I will use the # (hashtag) and jump in on that conversation to promote my event in London for Saturday night, #guiltypleasures at KOKO. Tataa!

(Ok that was an easy one – but I don’t believe in coincidence!)

Get keyword hopping and get that brain into gear. And please leave comments and let me know what you come up with –  see if you can get clever! Come on..SHOW OFF!

Good Luck!

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