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Stop Wasting Money on Bad Marketing

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Just like knowing where you are heading in life, it pays to know what you need for your business and you will eventually save thousands of pounds if you know the following:

  1. Your product, service or business is the best it can be

  2. You have a solid brand strategy, mission and vision

  3. You know who your competitors are and what they are doing right (and wrong)

  4. You know the demographics of who you are targeting very well

  5. You know where these people hang out online and what they do there

  6. You have clear, achievable marketing goals

Spend time on this, you don’t need an expert to get this stuff done, or if it is beyond you, do what you can and go to an experienced marketer to flesh it out for you. It will be worth it…and your bank manager will thank you for it.

Boom. Your marketing spend has just halved and you will have funds for the real stuff.

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