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PRESS RELEASE: Introducing Coopers Restaurant Consultants. @wercoopers


Real “Kitchen Nightmare” situations occur without Gordon Ramsay.

Drama? Yes, High octane drama? Probably not. But lives are turned upside down nonetheless when investments fail.

Philip Cooper launches Coopers Restaurant Consultants (CRC) with partner in crime Arno Marsman (Executive Operations Manager for Marco Pierre White) and Andrea Britton (Chart-Topping Singer Songwriter, Events, Food & Online PR/Social Media Guru).

Together there is nothing they have not seen, heard, experienced or tasted, in the Events, Hospitality & Food and Bev industry.  Already having a string of restaurants, startups and bars across the UK on their consulting books, they are keen to make a clean, subtle but provocative splash on and offline on the restaurant scene.

Experienced restaurateurs and the contrary are falling short of customers and cash. They’re not delivering what is expected of them and customer influence is prevailing therefore owners cannot take chances.

This is one of the many reasons why a quarter of restaurants fail in the first year in the UK alone. In New York in 2012 they hit a 90% failure rate.

The unrivalled Philip Cooper, Michelin Star, established himself within the Food & Beverage industry with the likes of Mark Hix, Marco Pierre White, Michel Roux Jnr and Raymond Blanc.  His somewhat legendary yet mysterious 30-year career has spanned many Michelin Star restaurants and fashionable, bespoke eateries across London, Europe and beyond. Not yet has he stepped out into the spotlight. Until now!

To mark the occasion, they are launching their first Pop-Up Food event in July. The first of it’s kind. Proving that their skills will translate ubiquitously and guaranteeing there is no reason why a restaurant serving good food, can’t be successful.

More information on Coopers email:

Media, PR & Marketing: Andrea Britton: |


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