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Press Release: Bongo Bongo Land…Rap



Introducing: THE ‘BONGO BONGO LAND’ RAP. Let’s make this viral!

Godfrey Bloom’s racist comment is hot news. My client, Bongo have produced a satirical video as a direct response to MP Godfrey Bloom and his remarks referring to third world countries as “Bongo Bongo Land”

“The satire opens with a mock news anchor who crosses to Westminster to find out what people on the street think, before Bongo’s resident MC rapper takes the microphone from the reporter. The essence of the rap is Bongo standing up for Bongo Bongo Land and paying out Godfrey Bloom. The video is full of action, pranks, jungle characters and London scenes on top of professional shooting and post-production. “

About Bongo:

Bongo is the world’s leading SMS service, which finds information on anyone and everyone just by sending your full name and town to 66668. Bongo work closely with MTV, the cast of Geordie Shore, sponsor numerous music festivals and are affluent in the youth marketing world.

Join Bongo Bongo Online:

For News, Features, Social Media Engagement, Media, Sponsorship, PR contact:

Gregor Cooney or Call: +44 (0)7564 214 042


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