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@pinterest…why we love it…

Not another social media site to learn, sign up for and manage (just in case it gets big) I hear you cry!!

Well, unfortunately, I am about to give it a big old hand wave! Coming from my online pr angle, its a fabulously easy way of sharing.  A few optimised words and lots of lovely pictures…

In a nutshell, you ‘pin’ pictures up on a board on your wall for others to see and share. Pinterest is great on so many levels but for example; if you are a stylist/photographer/artist/travel writer /tourist board /performer  etc anything that can basically have an online storyboard, then you should be using this baby.

It strengthens brand image, creates an immediate sense of who you are, cultivates creativity and with optimisation – good use of keywords, it will help your rankings. It will most definitely increase traffic to your site.

One of my company’s GETMALTA is a startup giving exposure to the unexposed in Malta (funnily enough) and I have found it a tremendous aid in connecting with  the right people via different industries and whilst I create my storyboard, others will share and get involved!  That’s the plan.

If you are really creative, I am sure you could come up with a really cool way of using it and it will be so exciting to watch this new channel develop anyway, oh and get the app too – pin on the move!

Everyone loves a pretty picture! @pinterest

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