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OPT’s Top 5 online marketing campaigns…


This is classic.  2 guys from the US decide to film the Mentos and Coke experiment and it goes global!  Planned or a great PR stunt from Coke?


Digital advertising at its best. Funny looking Gorilla + super duper drum kit + Phil Collins song + Chocolate = success! Even now I ask myself, WHY do we love the gorilla so much!?


This is, I think one of the best PR stunts in the last 10 years. Look how clever they were!  It was global and generated more than £50m paid for, ad space!


One of my personal favouites.  Every girl about my age has grown up in a ‘try to be perfect world’ and this campaign grabbed attention from us all! Hat’s off Dove!


Nothing like a tongue in cheek moral dilemma to get attention!  Burger King asked you to dump your friends online to win a free whopper! Resulting in it being disallowed and so the campaign finished.  It still had the desired effect!

Have a great weekend!

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