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OPT’s Top 5 online marketing campaigns…

I wanted to end the week with my top 5 favourite online marketing campaigns of the last few years.  These babies stand out for me for a number of reasons.  They grab attention, they involve their target markets, regular people and they pull at some kind of emotion that is so relative to their target market.  Humour and intelligence rules!

This is classic.  2 guys from the US decide to film the Mentos and Coke experiment and it goes global!  Planned or a great PR stunt from Coke?

Digital advertising at its best. Funny looking Gorilla + super duper drum kit + Phil Collins song + Chocolate = success! Even now I ask myself, WHY do we love the gorilla so much!?

This is, I think one of the best PR stunts in the last 10 years. Look how clever they were!  It was global and generated more than £50m paid for, ad space!

One of my personal favouites.  Every girl about my age has grown up in a ‘try to be perfect world’ and this campaign grabbed attention from us all! Hat’s off Dove!

Nothing like a tongue in cheek moral dilemma to get attention!  Burger King asked you to dump your friends online to win a free whopper! Resulting in it being disallowed and so the campaign finished.  It still had the desired effect!

Have a great weekend!

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