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On the (Blackheath) Beach

What is missing from Blackheath? Great village, wonderful open spaces, plenty of drinking establishments and eateries, and even a music festival in September. Quite obviously what is lacking is a beach. Fear not, those creative types at OnBlackheath and the Conservatoire have teamed up to provide a beach.

 The beach is open 20 June to 29 August from 10:00-18:00 and will be free. There will be activities for all the family during the day – a welcome addition for some in the school hols – and the full details are here. We Radicals will be looking forward to Friday Food Night from 18:00-22:00 when we are promised pop-up restaurants, entertainment, and drinks. What is there not to like? (Hopefully this won’t cue the usual Blackheath gripes about anything new…).

Volunteers have been busy and the latest pictures show the sand in place and even a boat! Good show and we look forward to the inevitable…

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