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Keep the Customer in a Place of Choice

Updated: Mar 10, 2020


Marketing has changed. This has been documented time and time again. Seth Godin is the innovator and calls it Permission Marketing. He teaches you to stop interrupting people. To stop boring them with stuff they are not interested in and replace the old style of marketing with the new.

The new is better. The new is proven to work. The new is exciting, happening and free.

The customer is always right but has the power. The power to choose what she listens to, what she reads, what she buys and what she shares. The way we reach that customer (and one good one is better than 1000 bad ones) comes down to research, understanding and a whole dollop of creative thinking. It doesn’t matter what you are selling, someone will buy it. Somewhere. Your job as a marketer is to find that someone, know them and converse on a level whereby they allow you to sell, eventually. Seth says there are 6 steps and references it to dating, among other fine examples. The ‘getting to know you’ stage is imperative and a few dates down the line your opinions, thoughts, likes and dislikes are justified.

If your customer has choices, and I don’t mean ‘What colour would you like, red, yellow or blue?’ I mean, ‘Would you like to know more?’, ‘Would this help you in anyway?’, “How can we make this better?’, We can figure out over time, how to evolve and make the customer happy.

Let them choose to like your Facebook Page, follow you on Twitter and buy your product. Keep them in a place of choice at all times.

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