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If I could bottle this feeling…

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

I’d be a darn site richer than I am now. But think about this for a second.

There is something unbelievably sexy about waiting for someone on a date right? Feeling good about yourself and anticipating their arrival. You know that feeling when butterflies are bouncing around your tummy and you can’t wipe that inane grin off your face? It’s wonderful!

Anything could happen, you’re open, ready, willing and able.

Think marketing. Think customer engagement. If you are working out how to form relationships online or wondering how the right content will capture the right audience, think about how that person feels when they come across you. If you can make someone anticipate your arrival you’re surely onto a winner. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not saying you should flirt with everyone (ahem) but encompassing that feeling of anticipation, is key to building momentum and obtaining permission from your target audience and their is a psychology behind it.

Here’s an exercise…everytime you ‘feel’ something over the next month, any emotion, be it happiness, anger, frustration, anticipation etc. write down that feeling, why you felt it and how you came to feel it. It may just help you to understand user experience and gain momentum from your reach.

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