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Google Plus and all its updates!

At last! we Google is catching up!  Evolving all the time, the new Google + features bring it bang up to date and much easier to navigate.  It certainly is a platform to get into and I can see this developing into an essential social media channel for business in the very near future.

Here’s the low down on the new features!

1.First of all there is a brand new header image and profile photo option that makes your page stand out and gives Facebook a run for its money.

I have mentioned before, if you are using Social Media for business purposes, try and use the same image on each channel somewhere to strengthen your brand image. The new style header picture could be slightly different on each, showing viewers you will be offering slightly different information on each channel. You have to give people a reason to follow you everywhere and not just in one place right?!

You get a choice of 1 big feature picture or 5 different scrap book style pictures for the header, so use your images wisely. You could include a call to action image as Google do not restrict you from adding promotional messages as Facebook does.  You could highlight a fan of the week, or pop up your phone number or showcase a new product etc. You get the picture! The header size is 940×180 pixels and the new profile image is 250×250. There are some really striking pages out there already so take a browse and see what works for you.

2. Circles has been moved up top and you get the option to choose 2 circles that are most important to you and add them to your top navigation. This makes sense if you wanted to interact with customers or friends etc. You will see what they are up to immediately and you will be able to join in the conversation,

3. Its really worth spending time building up your followers.  The more your page is circled by others, the more free advertising Google gives you.  You appear in the right hand side bar of peoples pages, just as Googles algorithms determine that you are popular!

4. Trending Topics are now visible on your home screen in your sidebar and just like Twitter, people will be looking at what is trending. Therefore your business could get more visibility by posting  about topics that Google+ people are discussing.

5. Lastly, the new hangouts page on the left may have been avoided in the past. but really, there is no better form of communication than a face to face chat and its not just the kids that are ‘hanging out’.  You could host hangouts on a regular basis for your business. The more hangouts you host, the more likely you’ll get featured and seen by others. You could have overseas meetings here or keep an eye on what tips of hangouts are going on. You could join hangouts relevant to your niche or use to host webinars and tutorials. You can also record them and repost them up on You tube! How cool is that!? Its a great way to network and meet other people and let’s face it, would the Google powers that be really integrate something into their social media channel that would be no good?!

I very much doubt it.

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