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Feedback and Social Media

We talked on Monday about complaints. Well the same goes for Feedback.

Ebay has proved for many years now that feedback is not only an essential tool to gain trust and loyalty but it instills faith in the buyer to part with their cash.

  1. Have you got anywhere where people can leave their feedback on your website or blog?

  2. Do you encourage feedback on your Facebook and Twitter Pages?

The answer to these questions should be “Yes!” and if it’s No, then get working out how to change that!

Amazon quickly got on the bandwagon after EBay, along with other trusted sites that you can buy from because they are serious about their business and so should you be.

Some companies may have gotten away with murder without it (notice the viagogo headlines at the moment, a personal favorite of mine as these guys needed taking down) but from now on in, the buying public need to trust you before they consider purchasing from you.

Look back to my blog Try before you buy blog for tips.

I’m reading a great book at the moment, How to become a Key Person of Influence, By Daniel Priestley (Buy it).  He says, rightly, that one of your best assets in business is how many people you know, that likes and trusts you.  This is true and can work online with people you have never met – BUT they will need a reliable way to enhance these relationships.

Feedback ratings please…

PS. Follow Daniel Preistley on Twitter: @DanielPriestley

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