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Facebook Pages App for iphone

At last! An app that allows you to manage your Facebook pages from your iphone. (Requiring iOS 4.2 or later and no Android yet)

We’ve been waiting for this for ages and although in its infancy – I’m sure that when developed a little more, it shall make life a lot easier for us marketers!

Now, I am not saying that it is as good as sitting at your lappy and sorting your pages out, don’t expect and all singing all dancing app, as you will be extremely disappointed – BUT at least we are one step up the ladder. We are being listened to! 🙂

On a positive note, it’s fast and free to download and enables you to manage each page separately, viewing insights, admins (not managing), posting status updates and sharing media.  You can also respond to posts and filter the ones you want to see – so if you only want to view your own or members- you can.

So a big YAY to developers but it won’t be winning a place on my home screen yet. Ahem.

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