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Crank up your Online Presence in 5 easy steps…

So you realise you have to be online right?  Whatever it is you do, you need an online presence.  It’s essential in today’s economy.

Here’s 5 easy ways to make sure you are doing all you can!

  1. Choose a USERNAME that you can use throughout all your social media channels, blogs and sites. It really makes life simple when sharing your content.

  2. The same goes for images.  Make sure you use the same one throughout.  And, if possible, try to use a face rather than a logo.  People respond to faces online more so than the latter, proven fact. Obviously choose a goody, no one wants to see you looking like you’ve just stepped out of antiques roadshow. (believe me, I’ve seen some corkers of late)

  3. Once all your channels are set up, don’t just walk away from them, complete your profiles. It will look and feel professional and there really isn’t anything worse than coming across an incomplete one. Its the first impression someone will get of you so make the effort.

  4. When working your channels, try and create great opportunities through engagement. Share links to all your content and syndicate your sites so there is continuity. It all helps with your branding which in turn leads to business growth.

  5. Lastly, tell people about your channels and update at regular intervals with news, view and info that support your cause!

It really isn’t that hard eh!?

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