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Building Your Brand Online…Part 4

What does the future hold for branding online?

We are in the cardinal age of utilising the digital branding concept. Ok, the big boys have been doing it far longer, but it has now reached ‘the streets’ and anyone can play.

As it continues to evolve, it will be made easier with the tools available online to assess and develop a more sophisticated process.  What we think will stay the same is the humane aspect of your brand.  The listening, interacting and the ‘relationship’ will still remain the most important thing, but it will be more recognised that the ‘branding’ process is imperative and consultants, will be taken more seriously.  There is an awful lot of competition out there and time will always tell if you’ve put the work in, or not.  Which is essential to your success.

Telling your ‘story’ is also an essential part of future victory and if people are part of your story when you tell your story, and they want to tell others that story etc etc.

I went to an opening of a restaurant , The Chiswell Street Dining Rooms in EC1Y recently and was offered for free, the tasting menu to review. A great example of bringing people in, giving something away and asking opinions.  Something every restaurant should do. We also discussed, with the restaurant’s development managers how they should bring Twitter into the fore and utilise its reach out.  We came to the conclusion that the Head Chef, Richard O’Connell, of Groucho Club fame, should tweet about everything he does connected to cooking.  Do it for 6 months and watch the punters come in.  Keep posted on his progress @crackonchef.

Our era is social media. We will make it what it is in the future.   Facebook and Google etc listen to their public and have realised that it HAS to remain about people.  People have hearts and minds and souls and that has to be brought into cyberspace for it to prosper.

They also realise that its blooming great when others talk about you.  Let them! let them discuss how you developed your brand (a commercial white paper is a great idea for any brand as it sets in stone the story and future goals of one’s identity. There are obvious pro’s for doing this.  It aids your influence in the market and among other things, makes you a thought leader in your industry) let them talk about you using their own dialogue and let them spread the news!  What they say, really matters!

Check out these monitoring tools:

I’d love to hear about how you built your brands online and what you think the future holds for digital branding!  Leave me a comment!

Have a great day!

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