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Building Your Brand Online..Part 3

We know that we have the internet in front of us, which connects us to the rest of the globe, BUT never forget that once your presence is set in stone, your brand is working, part of building it’s success, with relationships and ambassadors is connecting with people.  Not just via the net but face to face and even better, on a one to one.

Think local! (if possible with your business).

Are there any events being held in your local city that you could get involved with? sponsor? get your name out there? Take time out to say ‘Hello!” and meet people to discuss mutually beneficial ways in which you can help each other.

Once you have a ‘history’ of involvement with these types of events, it enhances your brand and usually you will be really surprised with the response.  You are creating a caring message and showing evidence of good relationships.

Social media is huge leverage here, especially if you have a healthy following. There’s no need to just throw money at these things. There are competitions, giveaways etc. so many creative ways in which to grab attention and if you feel you are talking to brick wall, educate! bring facts and figures and sell this idea to those that aren’t in the know!

We can so easily get lost in working on our computers, within the wide world web and forget about real life.  Even picking up the phone becomes 2nd, after emails and social media.  If that rings true for you, it certainly did me for a long time, then you have to change those habits fast.  There is still a firm social hierarchy that we must never forget and face to face is top!  Remember these are tools we are talking about. Tools that will eventually, ‘close a deal’ or open doors to closing that deal!

So, get Googling, and check out what’s happening around you, that you can get involved with!

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