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Building Your Brand Online…Part 2

I put LISTENING right up at the top of my list.  You can’t go in and start blabbing about what you do and who you are without researching and understanding who you are talking to.  It amazes me still, how many people forget the social media etiquette and selfishly just promote themselves without introduction!  I mean, come on! – would you really do that at a party?

Exactly. Just start with a ‘Please’ or “Thank You!’. They go a long, long way.

INTERACTING with people and becoming your own living brand ambassador is the only way forward. You represent what you are selling/promoting etc and within your social media circles, you can start telling the story of what your brand is and where it is going.  Take a look at your favourite children’s book… No – I’m serious! – Why did you like it? Did it have characters you particularly favoured?  How did it end? (OK they don’t ALL end happily ever after, but you know where I’m heading here!)

Every story has a beginning, middle and an end and so should your marketing campaigns.  We will talk more about campaigns and strategies in the coming months, but bear this in mind when you are connecting with people and building your brand.  Building being the operative word.  Don’t give it to them all at once. Drip Feed.

Think about how great it is when you meet a new friend (Ahem) and you are constantly being challenged, learning and being surprised?  This is a truly organic example of building a relationship and this is what you need to create for your brand to succeed in this day and age.

When you join conversations, forums or add comments to posts, remember you are NOT a salesperson, or a walking advert for your product or business, you are a living, breathing person relaying your DMS from within the core of your company. Giving inside info, making it easier for people to connect.  So be yourself and be human!

We’ve talked about how you interact with people, solving problems, sharing yours, etc and obvious staying in touch with people strengthens these relationships. We have also justified that Sharing Is Caring!

Make it easy for people to share YOUR content, and make it media friendly.  Utilise all social media outlets and combine them.  People will share what you create, if it’s good and you appear as a human ambassador for your brand.

I read these blogs regularly, great tips, great understanding and superbly put together.

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