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Brilliant ways to use your #Twitter Favourites

How to get value out of the favourite button on twitter.

Last May (2013), Twitter users favorited things 1.6 billion times, four times more than they did a year earlier, reports The Wall Street Journal‘s Katie Rosman

So we all know what and where the favourites button is right? Twitter says, Favorites, represented by a small star icon next to a Tweet, are most commonly used when users like a Tweet. Favouriting a Tweet can let the original poster know that you liked their Tweet, or you can save the Tweet for later.

But there are other ways you can use this handy little button, I have listed most below and if you are using it in another way – I’d love to hear how!

1. General Bookmark Favourite:

Most who use favourite use in this way, They save tweets for later, for whatever reason or simply, to read when you have more time. It could be folk who you wish to research or reach or merely tweets to schedule out in your own time.

2. Thanks! Favourite:

Your favourites can be a list of your bookmarked ‘Thank You’s’.  Everyone you have ever thanked in one place. Or alternatively, those that have thanked you.  A nice way to keep things positive and show your appreciation to the original tweeter.

3. The Negative Favourite: 

Hmm slightly the opposite of the above, instead of Thank You’s or compliments, you keep track of annoying, rude or hateful tweets. Perhaps you would keep your complaints all in one place. This would surely send out a positive signal from something quite negative.

4. The Content Favourite:

Perhaps you could favourite stuff that you want to write about later?

5. The Endorsement Favorite:

If you really like the content of a certain tweet, a star is a nice way to privately tell someone you liked it.

6. Question Favourite:

If you ask a question to your followers on Twitter, you can keep track of both your question and people’s answers for that particular question.  This is useful for referencing later.

7. Testimonial Favourite:

Keep a record of the nice things people say about you. i.e you may be a pub, so keep all your shout outs and reviews in one place for folk to see or you may have online testimonials…

9. Sales Favourite:

If you are in fashion, keep seasonal key pieces in there to prove you are one step ahead of the rest. If you are in the food industry, collect specials of the week: – at the end of your year, you should have 52 brilliant specials menus that could be turned into content or used again!If you are creative company, a photographer or the like. You could favourite your own current blog topic each month or keep all the photos that moved you that you have found elsewhere

Don’t forget to see what others are doing with their favourites you may just find out another!

What else can you do with your favourites?

  1. Add Your Favorites to Your Email Signature File

  2. Create a Widget of Your Favorites for Your Blog

  3. Make an Ebook Out of Your Favorites is a little-known site that actually generates a PDF (plus XML backup) of your Tweets or your Favorites.

  4. If you use Favorites to track testimonials, there’s a twitter app called Tweetimonials that pulls your Favorites into a widget you can put on your site to share your testimonials.

  5. At the end of the year you can release content on your favourites and get more value from them

Have fun!

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