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Blog Writing: Concept #Tip1

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

When writing a blog, it sounds obvious but first things first is knowing what is it that you want to say and how you are going to say it. Are you offering valuable information? Explaining something? Writing a response to another article? Making a point? Referencing? Reviewing? Either way, knowing and having a clear idea how you would like to present is key. If you follow these basic tips, you will organically begin to elaborate and your articles will become more confident, understandable and relevant.

1. Introduce 

Firstly introduce the idea and make it relevant to the reader. When reading back your opening paragraph – the most important one, put yourself in your readers shoes and try to think about how it makes them think and feel.

2. Reference 

Describe the point in more detail and use an example so folk really understand where you are coming from.

3. Explain

You may want to explain it’s relevance further to your readers. Do your research and justify any statements well. If it is just an idea you are talking about, make it interesting by asking questions. The rule when explaining is to offer backed up facts.

4. End

Tying up loose ends and giving the idea a final push with a good ending will determine whether your readers act upon your article in some way – i.e. like, share, commenting or getting in touch with you. It could be a question, a lasting thought, a statement or simply your concept explained in a different way.

Once you have this basic skeleton, you are quite prepared to write a great blog post! Good luck!

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