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10 tips for a GREAT landing page!

We all want a memorable landing page on our sites right? But a well designed front page has so many elements to consider, not just the colours, graphics & images. Unfortunately.

Here’s my top 10 musts for a fabulous landing page:

  1. A good looking headline. Seems obvious? well you’d be amazed at how many people are trying to be too clever here. Do some research and ask people if they GET it? Also – if you are running Adwords, make sure the keywords are consistent.

  2. The headline has to be compelling and spelt correctly! Again, you’d honestly be surprised!

  3. Any endorsements, testimonials, awards etc that make you look good, get one or two on the front page to build immediate trust.

  4. A productive CTA (Call To Action) page. Something that grabs their attention and leads them somewhere very important! What do you want out of your readers? Data collection? A sale? etc. Smashing Mag has some great examples here.

  5. A Conversion button under the CTA is a really good idea. Lots of people use arrows and this has huge success as the brain automatically follows suit! Use keywords for these buttons too, it adds to your page ranking.

  6. Don’t use too many outbound links on your landing page. you want to keep people there for as long as possible as again, this will help you from the search engines point of view.

  7. Video is proven to hep rankings, think about relevant visuals you use and see if you have anything good enough and when I mean good enough, it has to have the ‘WOW Factor’ to make the front page! Always take a leaf out of Apple’s book for this! They do it SO well.

  8. Keep the design at eye level. People will only scroll down if their attention has already been caught!

  9. To be really clever, you should use what they call A/B testing. Basically, its’ 2 landing pages and you analyse both to see what works as a parallel. This way you can monitor keyword and what CTA’ work best for you. (You do a similar thing with Adwords – We’ll cover that soon).

  10. Use colour effectively. It is so important when designing your page. How do you want people to feel and think when the arrive at your site? What is it that you want them to see first? This will all be determined by the colours you use. Check out my colour guide in Monday’s Blog next week!

Have a GREAT weekend people!

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