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What you can learn from your competitors? Collaboration (3 of 5)

Collaboration is they key.  As a musician I spent slot of my time alone writing music, through school and my 20s. It seemed an isolated career until I started to collaborate with other writers. I learnt from them, they (hopefully) learnt from me and an altogether fun and beneficial time was had by all!

The same goes for business. Until the turn of the century, collaboration was an unknown entity and I still believe that businesses could benefit from working with others. Social media makes that easier than ever. As in a relationship between 2 songwriters in a studio, the philosophy of sharing ideas online promotes success.

Now, Collaboration can be a complex idea but it can be as easy as asking your Facebook followers a question or opening a discussion on a forum. It could be in the form of blog sharing, guesting as a writer on a worthy blog in your niche and allowing them the same. writing something together is also a blast. Google docs is great for that. All who are involved can edit away and run an online writing session in a time convenient to them.

It could be inviting people to comment on your content or simply recommending eachother to valuable resources online.  If you would like a free comment, a stumble or to be recommended, or collaborated with – we are OPT are happy to oblige! Please get in touch!

We talked about twitter and using hash tags in the blog, “Introducing Trends” another great way to suss out other similar businesses to you and involve them.

Tools for online collaborations.

Do you have any favourites? Please share!

Promoting the sharing, collaborative ethos starts here!

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