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Twitter Tricks (4 of 5)…Introducing Trends

Trends on Twitter identifies the most popular news stories and hot topics from across the globe. You can also just search for stuff that is trending on a local basis.  All you have to do is change your location.

There is a snapshot of the most tweeted along the sidebar on your computer screen or on your mobile, on the search screen.

Trends can be used for:

  1. Finding out information in real time.

  2. Participating in topics that grab your attention

  3. To find new friends interested in the same stuff as you

  4. To generate leads for your business in the same manner.

We also like these accompaniments: –  world news twitter style. – tracking the latest twitter trends – receive, send tweets and find new friends without reloading the page!

è gratis, come tutti una buona informazione dovrebbe essere!

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