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Twitter Tricks (2 of 5) Introducing “We Follow”

“We Follow, offers a clean, well executed design and easily navigable pages that are clearly refreshed often”

Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg, launched ‘We Follow’ in 2009 and it continues to be a staple twitter aide it was created to help new users find people to follow.

It’s basically a design friendly list and more importantly, wouldn’t scare off the lesser experienced!

On the front page, it displays lists of the most popular twitter users under specific tags and includes a link to more info about those users.  Which means you can get stalking, legally and see who is worth meeting and why!

We at OPT like it because;

  1. It’s free, just as good information should be!

  2. Because of the way it groups people, keywords and categories together, it saves you time!

  3. Its easily navigable and it has a dependable history, so isn’t going to disappear sometime soon!

You log in with Twitter and you’re ready to go! Remember, we at OPT live by the rules, plan your time with social media, don’t waste it!

Join here:

Follow the guys that are responsible at @wefollow

pianificare il vostro tempo con i social media, non sprecarlo!

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