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The Ultimate Global Personal Campaign…Guess Who!?

At first we wondered.  We asked the questions: “Why ‘Emma'”?, “What Does it mean?”. Those that thought they were clever were asking. “Are they names of famous people?”, “Are they names of people who have passed away?” etc.

Either way, Coca Cola have gone over and above making their latest campaign the second all important marketing word, ‘personal’ by putting names on their bottles. Why? With a singular mission.  And that is the first all important marketing word…to “Share”.

So it’s not just social media friendly, its world friendly! Global brands are looking beyond just social media to get their messages out but they are still heavily influenced by the core concepts.  This is refreshing. Still the simple ideas are the best.

You clever folk at Coke have done very well indeed. And we’ve all seen it by now.

“This month we’re swapping our names with yours,” proclaims the world’s leading soft drink in a concept that has a country’s most popular names showing up on Coca-Cola bottle labels. In Great Britain, for example, Coke bottles on shelves this summer will feature 150 of the UK’s most popular names. In addition, Share a Coke vending machines will be on tour so Coke fans can personalize their very own Coca-Cola or Coke Zero bottle. The company is also encouraging Facebook users to create a virtual personalized Coke can to share with someone.” – Brand Channel.

It was first rolled out in 2011, down under and was such a success there, they’ve brought it to the UK. Here’s the ad…

Coke pride themselves on ‘responsible marketing strategies‘ and to be completely frank; I love everything they do! Not only are they the perfect hangover cure, they are also a marketing muse!

Bravo Coca Cola!

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