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The Review: @Tanner_Co #bar #restaurant #events #bermondsey

Now I remember when Bermondsey wasn’t the kind of place for a young lady to be walking around early evening but oh how times change!

What with the development of London Bridge and the addition of The Shard, this little old forgotten part of South London gets an utter revamp and the guys behind Tanner & Co are helping matters somewhat!

With the mindful and super creative brain of Russell Sage (The Hospital Club, Petrus for Gordon Ramsay, Bread Street Kitchen to mention only a few) this place ticks all the boxes of the slightly more intelligent, urban crowd. They have a made to measure 10ft gold chesterfield, the booths for the restaurant are old gymnastic horses and as an alternative to curtains, 4 inch thick gymnasium rope. If you look closer still, you will find references to the Gym all over.

I could go on. The attention to detail was formidable. From the rather solid collection of 50s radios on one wall to the random 1950s glass display cabinets, softly lit, containing books, glasses, tankards and the odd footy trophy. And I hadn’t even got to the loos yet. Something told me they were going to be the piece de resistance!

4 individual and rather spacious rest rooms, all named after subjects from school and decked out accordingly. A stroke of pure genius!

We came to the bar and was greeted by Eduardo. A brilliant looking spanish guy with a great smile and perfect energy.  Husband stuck to beer but I was wowed with the Jamaican Rum cocktail, Appledore Rum, Milk, Nutmeg, Green Tea, Cognac, Cloves and Citrus. Delicious! and it was served in an old copper Moscow Mule Mug with an edible flower on top.  Girl was happy.

We didn’t eat as we’d eaten earlier, but seriously, I can’t wait to return to taste what smelt, looked and felt like an absolute winner!

Bravo all involved! You have 2 loyal fans here.

tanner & co

tanner & co

tanner & co
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