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SEO, the basic of basics..

With Online SEO, search engines need to know what your website is about in order to rank it properly.  Although Google admitted they no longer care for ‘keyword meta tags’ they still are for title meta tag and description meta tag. Yahoo and Bing still pay attention to your keyword meta tags, so do it!

When I first started out, I bought this book…a Godsend! “The SEO Answer Book” By Michael Small.

When you are on your website, click on ‘view‘ – ‘page source‘ (in the browser) to see your keyword tags.

WordPress is king here, since it makes it very easy to edit meta tags and many other things, PLUS search engines love it too!

Offline SEO:  This part of search engine optimisation is done outside of your website and is mostly about getting links. In order to rank on Google’s first page you need to let Google see the you are really popular! Therefore, the more links you manage to your site, the better!

We will be talking about getting links again in depth soon, but for now, it’s always better to get links from established website with a high page ranking an in the same industry as you, however, all inks count as long as they aren’t broken.  I would suggest to do a link exchange with the web masters of these sites.

When building back links, make sure to always use your keyword in anchor text. By this, I mean if I want this blog post to rank for on and offline SEO, I would make that text into a clickable link, like this “On and offline SEO” and link it to my site.

Once you get to grips with all this, vary the anchor text a little so Google doesn’t see it as keyword spam. Use links with text like ‘click here’, or ‘visit my site’ etc.  Make it look as natural as possible, oh and don’t go mental and get too many back links either, the Google Gods don’t like that at all!

Hope that has helped you all! Let me know!?

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