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Press Release: We Are Blackheath

“Be Your Community

The powers of social media and collaboration have been widely reported in the news this week. The media have covered the story of Van Applegate, the American man promoting his town. His story was even shared by Social Media Guru Guy Kawasaki. We Are Blackheath is born of the same vibe, with two main objectives:

  1. To promote local businesses

  2. To support and promote local events and community happenings.

The mission is simple; to help sustain, promote and improve the vitality of the local area by growing an online community that reflects and enhances our already strong and thriving physical community.

We Are Blackheath launches this week with an abundance of discount offers to use in Blackheath and by highlighting some of the local business owners who make up a little part of the area.

“The photos, shot by Warren King ad Simon Siggs are really a way to bridge the gap between businesses and locals. We hope to introduce the community and residents to the folk that make our village tick and also to encourage the ‘shop local, live local’ ethos that we so strongly believe in. The community is at the heart of this project and its success will rely upon people getting involved.”

Andrea Britton Online PR UK

We Are Blackheath are looking for anyone who would like to be involved in anyway. You can submit images of the area, hold an event, promote your event or promote you business and just show your support by following:

For more information or to get involved please email


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