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Press Release: FAO #vegan Restaurants #raw #vegetarian

Bourgeois Boheme is looking for Vegan Restaurants to collaborate on their 2014 campaign:

Eat Vegan: Wear Vegan! (EVWV!)

EVWV celebrates a vegan lifestyle. We are championing vegan food, drinks, lifestyle products and fashion throughout 2014 and hope to showcase our not only our favourite brands but new ethical and sustainable brands that are breaking through on the vegan arena. We begin this global campaign by launching a competition to ‘Win a vegan meal in your city!’

Therefore we are looking for participating cafes/restaurants across the world to donate a meal for 2 and be part of this revolutionary project.

To be part of this unique campaign and promote your business to a wider audience, get in touch with us for more information!

Eat Vegan Wear Vegan! EVWV

Bourgeois Boheme of London is a luxury ethical footwear brand for men and women.

BoBo represents classic and sustainable style with a contemporary twist. We make beautiful footwear for the creative, the stylish, the fun and the responsible. Our collections are always vegan, ethical, eco-friendly and made in Portugal using the finest faux leather and natural materials.

For enquires and more information call Andrea on +44 (0)7957 264576

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