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One Giant Leap Into Social Media Marketing..

One Giant Leap into Social Media Marketing is the debut offering from Andrea Britton. Author of Online Pr Tips (@onlineprtips).

One Giant Leap into Social Media Marketing

A Book filled with up-to-the-minute content ideas and tips on how to best use social media platforms in 2012.

“From tweets to writing content to filming content to posting on your Facebook wall there is always something to push out to the rest of the world and the more creative you are, the better.  You need to think about timing, relevance and accuracy, include humour, collate and present new and interesting information, be thoughtful, understanding, have time for others and above all, be trustworthy.

Now if you are already that person, this should be easy! The rest of you need to brush up on your social skills! Ahem.”

Available on all good ebook distributions, iBooks, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Amazon etc. Coming June 2012.

If you would like to be kept up to date on it’s release, follow the blog and register via email.

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