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In the light of the tragic news in Manchester of late, we hope that Mi-Soul can inject some much-needed joy into this beautiful city.

Mi-Soul, London’s premier digital radio station dedicated to soul and dance fans worldwide, is delighted to announce that as part of a huge summer campaign, The Sound Of Mi-Summer (#MiSummer) it is now broadcasting live in Manchester on DAB.

We have a jammed packed program of entertainment, events and more beginning 1st June 2017 and running through to our closing part in MiBiza.

The founders of Mi-Soul Radio are Gordon Mac, the legendary DJ and music entrepreneur, and Martin Strivens – the duo behind the international renowned Kiss FM brand. Having launched on DAB across London in 2015 and Brighton last year, Mi-Soul are now adding the population of Manchester to their listeners in 132 countries online and through the App.

The station has assembled a collective of over 70 of the best DJs the industry has to offer. They bring expertise, passion and a deep knowledge of sub-genres, such as Soul, RnB, House, Soulful House, Reggae, Drum N Bass and more, and include Ronnie Herel, Paul Trouble Anderson, Jazzie B, Greg Edwards, Dr Bob Jones, Femi Fem, Jumpin Jack Frost, Marcia Carr, Patrick Forge, Stuart Patterson, George Kay, Melvo Baptiste, DJ Bigger and many more.

Mi-Soul is a partner in established events such as Suncebeat, Southport Weekender, Supermalt @Notting Hill Carnival and Mi-Biza and also many sell out club events. Mi-Soul is also proud to be working with an eclectic selection of brands such as Kia, The Brits, Mobo, Taxi App, Brother and Heineken.

Gordon Mac, MD of Mi-Soul, comments: “Our audience is made up of people who are brushing off thirty, having a blast in their forties and are all guns blazing in their fifties. They know real music when they hear it. They just hadn’t heard it on their radios or devices before Mi-Soul arrived. They want to be entertained and they want to feel like they are in safe hands. They can trust Mi-Soul DJs to be the ultimate curators of pure soulful music. We are really looking forward to welcoming a new audience in Manchester!”

Mi-Soul Web:

Digital Marketing & PR Contact: Andrea Britton

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