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Mi-Soul Radio Hits #Brighton


Mi-Soul, London’s premier digital radio station dedicated to soul and dance fans worldwide, is delighted to announce it can now be heard across Brighton live on DAB.

The founders of Mi-Soul Radio are Gordon Mac, the legendary DJ and music entrepreneur, and Martin Strivens – the duo behind the international renowned Kiss FM brand. Having launched on DAB across London last year, Mi-Soul are adding the population of Brighton to the 12 million people that they can already reach, and the listeners in 130 countries online and through its App. The latest RAJAR figures, just released show listener growth of 25% in the last quarter.

Gordon Mac, MD of Mi-Soul, comments: ‘We are delighted to have Ignited London’s Soul and established Mi-Soul as an essential part of the Capital’s culture over our first year on DAB. We are now even more excited about increasing this exposure across the South Coast by broadcasting in Brighton. We look forward to getting to know our new audience and entertaining them for years to come.”


  1. The station launched digitally (DAB) across London on 27th June 2015, having previously broadcasting through and mobile phone apps since 2011.

  2. All Mi-Soul shows can be accessed globally and the station currently attracts listeners from over 132 countries.

  3. Gordon Mac, Mi-Soul MD, has assembled a collective of over 65 of the best DJs the industry has to offer including: Ronnie Herel, Paul Trouble Anderson, Jazzie B, Dr Bob Jones, Femi Fem, Jumpin Jack Frost, Marcia Carr, Patrick Forge, Stuart Patterson, Rusty Egan, Greg Edwards, George Kay, Melvo Baptiste and DJ Bigger.

  4. The Mi-Soul DJs brings expertise, passion, a deep knowledge of sub-genres and an individual following.

  5. Mi-Soul Radio is a partner in the Margate Soul Festival and co-promotes a number of popular and high profile music events in the UK and Europe including, Southport Weekender, Mi-Biza, SunceBeat Croatia and hosts a stage at the Notting Hill Carnival.

Contact: Andrea Britton

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