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Make good business decisions like this…

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Are you one of those business owners that allows a potentially negative outcome to hinder a good business decision?

Do you avoid something – just in case the worst thing happens? Do you look at all the possible outcomes and if there is just one bad thing that could happen from making that decision, you won’t go there? You have most likely worked with numbers in your life, were a good academic student and played safe. There’s nothing wrong with that. The world needs you. But, business is changing, the world is changing and you have to change with it. If you want a successful business, that is.

So, if the above sounded like you, read on…

A good decision making process is a great skill to learn in life and in business. Yes, look at ALL possible outcomes. Yes put them in a ‘positive/negative’ list. Yes, analyse which outweigh what. But don’t let a few negatives stop you from taking a risks that could pay off. Don’t play safe all the time, we all have to invest to get back. This is another one of those times!

Remember, the more mistakes you make, the wiser you are (as long as they obviously aren’t financially destructive, of course!)

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