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Kent gets a quality live music venue fit for a #prince! @RamsgateMH

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

ramsgate music hall

It has been criticized and acknowledged profusely over the years that the lack of good live music venues outside of London is widespread. Tragic in fact. Yes, London has an iconic selection of stages that are fit for even music royalty right now, but when you slope out to the suburbs, Kent even. They are non existent.

Until now. Ramsgate, you lucky buggers!

The Ramsgate Music Hall has been built, kitted out with the best PA and now lovingly managed by proper live music fans. NME says and I quote ‘Undaunted, the founders of the Ramsgate Music Hall on the Kent coast have struck a fresh blow for quality over capacity.” They continue, “it’s a magnificent new venue; great bar, separated from the 125 capacity music room, top notch PA and staff who actually give a shit about you.” Check out the NME review right here or see it in the flesh in the gigs section.

Handpicked live acts a plenty it won’t be long before they have a queue of gifted artists waiting to grace their stage and they offer up a selection of uber cool disk jockeys for your dancing pleasure in the meantime. Howard Sway and Phil Jaimes from Real House Radio present ‘Love Saves The Day’ full of funk, soul and loft disco classics, is one most definitely not to be missed.

ramsgate music hall

I for one can vouch for the Ramsgate Music Hall. Having danced my tush off in there until the early hours, dived right in with all the obligatory fond farewells and ‘I love you’s’ to everyone that graced the funky dance floor at end of what could only be described as a stonking good night.

Having only opened in December, yes that’s 2 months ago, they have already housed WalkCate Le Bon, ‘Allo Darlin’, Sweet Baboo and more and they have a full line up of rip roaring acts such as; Casual Sex, Pontiak, The Wave Pictures and Blouse to come. You never know…now NME have given it the big thumbs up, his royal purple highness and his band 3RDEYEGIRL may just make a surprise entrance…here’s hoping!

If you live on the Kent coast, get yourselves down there pronto. If you fancy a dirty weekend away, Ramsgate is the place to be.

Main contact: Tim Baines +44(0)7533-134015

allo darlin
cate le bon
allo darlin
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