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Am I On Your Mind?

Am I On Your Mind gets a remix from C Systems 25 years after the first release.

So happy this classic track is getting a rerun, 25 years after the initial release. The best thing is that it has been done by C Systems. A duo where one half has its roots in exactly the same place mine were. Yes - we actually come from the same place in the UK but have never met!

Funny how life connects you isn't it?

Hope you like the remix as much as we do! Out on Armada now.

"Producing a modern spin on Oxygen and Andrea Britton’s ‘Am I On Your Mind’, British-Norwegian duo C-Systems add their uplifting flair to The Space Brothers’ 25th anniversary album project. From the updated production to the nostalgia and euphoria embedded in the heavenly vocal and melody, this remix is set elevate trance fans old and new. " Armada

am i on your mind

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