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Building Your Brand Online..Part 5

There’s no point having an office full of people, with job titles and your product/service ready to go if there is no online presence. You have to build your brand online. And it isn’t about throwing cash at something or someone but instead its about building it so that it will resonate with your customers and keep them returning (even without promotion and deals!)

It will go a long way to boost awareness and create your reputation that eventually clients will trust.

So here are OPT’s last minute tips on building an online presence and brand. Take note!

1. Research your audience and know whom you are selling to. Utilize Google’s many tools and resources to get facts and figures. 2. Based on your research, give you brand a voice. Whether it is someone in the company of note, or yourself, this will become the foundation and ‘human touch’ for your brand. Give them a real and true idea of who you are and connect. 3. Use a real mix of online media to enhance your brand. Targeted ads to a targeted audience, watching behaviors. Make sure that all online avenues are linked and giving out the same message and be consistent. 4. Plan your social media campaigns, think about what you want your brand to say and what you want it to achieve and work backwards. Use Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Linked In and other sites like Stumbleupon to spread your pages wide. 5. Strategies are necessary. Strategies for marketing, networking, branding and so on. Take time to sit and really think about each one and then put into practice!

All of these tips will aid the building process and can also work with rebranding. Something we will cover another time.

It would be great to hear some of your favourite strategies and brand stories! Leave us a message and get involved!

Next week some of our SEO and Marketing Moguls will be offering their predictions on 2012.

Happy Weekend!

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