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A Pot of Right…Green Magic from @protocoluk

First of all, if I was going to sell a pot of green, powdery stuff, albeit it wonderfully-good-for-you-powdery stuff, then I would call it Green Magic too. Yes, Protocol got the name right, the packaging right and they definitely became the word on the street with this product. I wanted to find out why.

I researched until I was green in the face. Sorry – couldn’t resist. There is not one bad review on this little pot of super foods, in fact quite the opposite. There is a real buzz around this product. Everyone is raving about it! Even Cheryl Cole and David Walliams are in on the action.

During my research into Protocol’s Green Magic, I found one informant, the Natural Wellness Clinic stating “clinical studies had actually proven green magic to decrease the body’s biological age significantly; lowering the biological cell age by an astonishing 13.5 years over the course of 3 months, resulting in a healthy vibrant glow and the reduction of the outward signs of ageing.”

I continued to read that the benefits are endless; it increases energy levels acting as a high energy drink, allowing your body to perform at their optimum at times of stress, provides incredible nutrition, it can help with digestive dysfunction, increase concentration levels, improve immune and heart function and help with detoxification of the liver and kidneys. It has just 12 calories per drink.

Let’s face it, as soon as you read the ingredients you want to down the lot. Even if you’ve never heard of half of them! I looked up every one of these babies and was convinced one teaspoon is equivalent to your 5 a day and I am rubbish at eating fruit. So it works for me! Hoorah!

Ingredients: Hawaiian Spirulina, Broken cell wall chinese chlorella, soya lecitin, barley grass juice, wheat grass juice, kamut, rice kernal membrane powder, high pectin apple fibre, icelandic kelp, wheat sprouts, nova scotia dulce, co enzyme Q10, SOD w/Catalase, Royal jelly, Jerusalem artichoke powder, lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidus bacterium (lactose free).

Dr Larry Milam, the president of the University of Natural Medicine gives you the low down here in his handy PDF. He breaks down the ingredients into something I could understand:

  1. Spirulina—digestible

  2. Chlorella—high protein

  3. Lecithin– emulsifier

  4. Barley Grass—mineral

  5. High Pectin Apple Fiber –soluble fiber

  6. Lactobacillus Acidophilus—Probiotic

  7. Icelandic Kelp—Mineral

  8. Rice Kernel Membrane Powder—fiber

  9. Kamut Juice—Minerals; Ca, Mg

  10. Wheat Grass Juice Wheat Sprouts—SOD & Catalase

  11. Coenzyme Q10—Energy factor, antioxidant

  12. Nova Scotia Dulse—Minerals/lecithin

  13. Royal Jelly—Enzymes, vitamins

  14. Jerusalem Artichoke Powder—prebotic

Protocol call it a superfood. They explain that it is “scientifically blended with 17 nutrient-dense foods that are rich in natural enzymes, minerals, amino acids, vitamin and antioxidants, for optimum nutrition and well-being.”

They go on… “a revolutionary blend of the worlds best super food Naturally rich in protein, essential fatty acids, enzymes, sea minerals, amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants. Green magic is an enzyme rich array of organically grown terrestrial plants skillfully blended with micro-aquatic plants forms, Royal Jelly and a mixed culture of lactose-free intestinal flora.”

You can watch a film about it here.Anything that claims to deliver a shed load of nutrition in one teaspoon, especially in the midst of cold, snowy January in London, I will definitely give a try. I took a spoonful in the morning – you simply mix with water or fruit juice and the day I started the course, I had gone down with head cold/flu symptoms. Was feeling rotten and in my experience, that is me out for 5 days – sometimes it’s even a week before I am back on my game. Not this time. 2 days! 2 days I tell you! I also suffer from IBS now and again and haven’t had a problem since I started taking Green Magic. I have a week’s worth left and will continue to use this stuff for sure. If you want to buy some, use the code AB10 and get yourself 10% off!

I felt energized, healthy and ready for anything so I suggest you buy a pot of this powerful potion and experience the same! Anyway – if it’s good enough for Girls Aloud, every now and then (see what I did there?) it’s good enough for me.

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