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5 reasons why Retweets matter

A retweet is when one of your followers repeats a tweet that you have written. It’s a magical thing!

When someone retweets you, your tweet will reach that person followers and so on.  So if it is a good one and you get a good few people retweeting you – who knows how many people you could reach!

Retweets ‘RTs’ as they are known in the trade, are so important to your business and making connections with others. It’s a way of growing your followers quickly and expanding your contacts but there is also RT etiquette to consider…

Here’s OPTs 5 reasons for RTing and why:

  1. Writing the perfect retweetable tweet is a daunting task at first. But if you find a formula that works for you, use it wisely and you could come up trumps. Think about whether you would find it interesting and would want to share it! What would you share?

  2. Remember to keep it short and sweet. People don’t like having to edit a long tweet for the sole reason of passing it on. None of us would bother.  So just because Twitter gives you140 characters – doesn’t mean you have to use them all up!  Leave a space for people to add their own message on before they RT.

  3. Don’t sell, don’t brag and think about your followers. Always pop something like “found this and think its great!” in front of the RT so your followers know you are endorsing it for the right reasons.

  4. Always check the link if you are attaching one to make sure it’s not broken or spam.

  5. And lastly, always say thank you to the people that RT you. Not only have they just endorsed your brand/product/service or business, its terribly good Twitter Karma.

Retweeting really is the key for getting top exposure on Twitter.

Go get ‘em tiger!

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