Gozo in the house

Gozo In The House is a brand offering a digital portal and guide and immersive events in Gozo, Malta.


Mixing passion with purpose. It first took form in 2012 under a different name but found its way to the world more permanently in March 2020 quickly evolving to become a necessary part of the digital landscape on Gozo. 

The ethos is simply: ‘Feed our mind, body, and soul. Keep us healthy and happy. Make it good for business, good for others, good for our community, and good for our planet.’



My Metox (TM) was born after weeks of walking the Camino to Santiago in 2018 and exercises my ethos for using digital platforms for positive change. Centered around the realisation that so many of us feature last, if at all, on our own agendas, it began with an honest account of my transition from head to heart and swapping people-pleasing for self-love. Since Covid, the world over is moving into the Metox Movement. And I am here to help them along their way.


GetMalta was the first thriving online community that celebrated talent, lifestyle and culture in Malta. It began with the objective to create a solid platform for creative talent and showcase their work on a weekly blog which received over 10,000 hits in its first 17 months.

The concept grew organically to become a source of information for locals and tourists alike.  It was pivotal in presenting the island's true soul as opposed to the usual 'package holiday destination, and although it received large sponsor interest and media attention, unfortunately, I could not pursue the project due to lack of manpower and work commitments.  GetMalta paved the way for a similar breed of now thriving, online content providers for the Maltese islands.